One of the main activities of our office is Competition Law practices.  The founder of our office has been working in the field of Competition Law since 1981 and making publications. His books in this area are still in the service of lawyers. All kinds of relations between the undertakings and the Competition Authority are provided by our office. Services such as the complaints that the undertakings will make to the Competition Authority, the declaration of negative clearance/exemption, applications for the merger and acquisitions, the execution of the inquiries opened by the Authority are given. Competition Adaptation Programs (CAP) are being implemented to protect undertakings against competition risks. In this context, competition risks are determined by on-the-spot checks, contract examinations, examining the relations between undertakings and suppliers, customers and competitors, and necessary changes and in-house trainings are carried out to eliminate these risks. Within the context of regular consultancy, all kinds of activities of undertakings such as contracts, internal applications, procedures, policies to be implemented in relations with the dealers are evaluated within the perspective of Competition Law and contribution is made in determination of the strategies. Undertakings are provided with advocacy services in cases such as cancellation cases, compensation claims and termination cases arising from the application of Competition Law or which may be connected with Competition Law. All kinds of services are provided in the area of companies’ merger and acquisition strategies, legal examinations and applications necessary for the merger and acquisition. The Competition Law trainings, which are accompanied by the presentations prepared separately for all sectors, are one of our most demanded services.


Consumer Law is another of our main service areas. The founder of our office has been working in this field since 1996 and making publications. His books in this area are still in the service of lawyers. His studies in Consumer Law practices and the doctrine are still in the service of lawyers. Our office provides consultancy services in the field of Consumer Law and advocacy services for consumer cases to the clients active in fields such as telecommunication, consumer electronics, banking and automotive sectors. Counseling and advocacy services are provided for the necessary relations with the Ministry of Customs and Trade to be carried out due to developments in the administrative supervision and penalty aspects of Consumer Law and the cases to be filed for the cancellation of the Ministry’s penalties. Price lists and labels, promotion guides, warranty documents and other promotional activities prepared by the companies for consumers are examined within the framework of Consumer Law to eliminate the irregularities.


With the introduction of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data, companies have begun to receive consultation services and compliance programs from our office in the field of Protection of Personal Data (“PPD”), as it is a legal entity with a potency to deliver very important results despite being a newly emerging area of law. PPD Law has become one of the main activities of our office in a short time. Since sanctions up to imprisonment can be applied in case of violation of PPD Law, it is obligatory to receive reliable counseling services in this area. Our office provides the PPD Compliance Programs and consultancy services to clients active in a variety of fields such as automotive, banking, purchasing companies and insurance companies.


The founder of our office has been publishing in the field of Energy Law in recent years. He published a three volume book (electricity, natural gas and petrol) named Energy Law. As a result of these publications, various energy companies receive counseling and advocacy services from our office regarding the creation of their strategies, mergers and acquisitions and cases arising from energy legislation. Even if the weight of state interventions in this area are still very serious, conflicts between companies in this field continue to increase as a result of liberalization and marketization policies. Counseling and advocacy services are provided to ensure that these relationships are carried out in accordance with the legislation and that disputes are resolved. Our office provides counseling and advocacy services to the companies and their associations in the oil market which are in different stages along the way of refinery to gas station. The disputes between distribution companies and supply companies are increasing in the free market which was created after the electricity distribution privatizations. Our office provides consultancy services in the area of regulation and competition to distribution and supply companies. Although the natural gas sector has not yet developed as much as electricity, natural gas companies are provided with consultancy and advocacy services for regulation and competition issues.


The founder of our office is one of the professors of Commercial Law. In this respect, our office provides counseling and advocacy services in all kinds of intercompany disputes in the field of private law, especially unfair competition, Company Law and the disputes between shareholders. Trainings, counseling and advocacy services in the area of Commercial Law and Law of Obligations are provided by our office. Our client relations, which initially started with the Competition Law counseling, have spread to all areas of law due to the trust provided over time and deepened especially in the field of Commercial Law. Our clients are provided with counseling services on all legal issues arising from company relations. Our office carries out all commercial cases of some of our clients. Although some of these cases are dispersed throughout Turkey, we are able to execute all these cases by the means of the organization we have established.


Our office provides all kinds of legal services to many client companies. Especially commercial cases, company cases, cases between shareholders, cases with the dealers, labor law cases and actions of debt are carried out by our office. Due to the organization we have established, we are able to successfully execute the cases not only in Istanbul, but also in Turkey.